Turning a slightly different circle

When you train your horse to do a circle or circle around you without use of a lunging whip, often enough it is not easy to keep the horse nicely on the track. We can use large pylons in training, for example. However, I have heard that there are candidates who overturn the pylons, or simply walk around them and come inside the circle. I also thought it was a shame to throw the old trampoline away. My original plan was to turn it vertically and use it as a giant tyre jump. But that did not work for.  Now we use it as a circle guide in the Horse-Agility course on Hof Steigerwald. That works perfectly.

Horserockers observed with the thermographical eye


We asked ourselves a not so simple question: What does rocker training do to the musculoskeletal system of our horses? Where and when do get what specific effects? How crucial is the rocking technique? How does the rocker type effect the training?

Beke Lichtenberg of www.pferdethermografie-nord.de shot thermographical pictures our five ponies first with ‘cold’ muscles and then after a 15 minute training session on the rockers. Frieda took her turn on the 1500 mm whole-body rocker, Aron and Wolfgang on the 125 mm rocker, Amadeus on the elliptical rotary table and Freya on the 3000 mm stainless steel rocker. We are very excited about the results of this great diagnostic method and certainly would like to continue the research.

thermography fotos