Openday 2019

time schedule

We proudly present the agenda for our Open House day.

Presentation Special Guest
10:00 Courtesy in Clickertraining Dani and New Jersey
10:20 Pictures of ‘cold muscles’ and of a walking horse Horse Thermography North Beke Lichtenberg
11:00 Chicken Training
11:30 Mental Training in Animal Training Sabine Bruns
12:00 Tour of the Paddock Trail
12:30 Wippentraining
12:40 Pictures of ‘warm muscles’
13:00 Pony Show and Agility Dania Reetz Ponyranch Elbstrand
13:30 Trailer training Steigerwald trailer
14:00 True Horse Agility
14:30 Clicker training basics with sheep, among others
15:00 Training on request
16:00 Presentation of thermography results
16:30 Training on request
17:00 End

In between, there will always be time for small talk, questions and seesawing for everyone. We look forward to seeing you!