A passion for chicken training

Chicken training is an excellent prerequisite for communication with positive reinforcement. It does not matter whether you want to make a single pony happy or a whole zoo.
We offer combination packages so that you can profit optimally from the new seminar formats Steigerwald.T seesaw trainers and medical trainers:
Chicken module 1 + seesaw trainer for 999,-€ instead of 1089,-€ and
Chicken module 1 + Medical Trainer 1st practice weekend for 999,-€ instead of 1089,-€

For many people it is still not so obvious why we like training with chickens so much. The rewiev written by Judith from Münster is very helpful in explaining this:

“Train chickens”?! Well, you were always a bit different!”
Admittedly, for most people it sounds strange at first. Many of those whom I have told that I “train chickens” or “click chickens” reacted with a perplexed “Aha…”
Let me put it this way:
Why do soccer players train? To get better, to optimize their physical fitness. The player who can run the fastest is the first one on the ball. And to improve reaction time and the technique to play the ball as far and as targeted as possible. The player who can do it best has the most success. When practicing a musical instrument, e.g. piano, it is pretty much the same: a pianist is not successful and outstanding on “his” instrument because he is very talented: he has always practiced extraordinarily much and surely he still practices many hours every day!
Besides, soccer players and pianists have good coaches or teachers who improve the skills of their students with exercises!
That’s why I train chickens: To become a better coach!
Observation and timing are important, as well as speed. And chickens are fast, believe me! Training with horses or dogs afterwards is like training in slow motion!
It is not about bringing a “chicken training” to performance maturity. For the chicken life outside of training it is not important to distinguish a circle from a triangle.
But training with the chicken “distinguishing shapes” is an important exercise for me and my qualities as a trainer and improves my trainer skills! There are many other reasons why especially chickens are excellent training partners. Curious? You can find out!
The pianist practices and practices in order to play flawlessly in the concert hall in front of an audience. Only then “listening pleasure” is guaranteed for the audience and the applause for the pianist.
I train chickens in order not to cause any training mistakes in the decisive, important training, e.g. recall training with the dog or courtesy training with the horse. The fewer mistakes, the better and faster dog and horse learn!
There are 5 chicken modules, each lasting 5 days. This may give you an idea of how varied and complex training is. And how many skills can be trained on the trainer side.
A really very, very good trainer said: “I don’t train brilliantly, I just make fewer mistakes than the others.”
Training is not magic, it is craft! And this craft is to be learned and optimized with the great Nina Steigerwald! In her seminars, great importance is attached to the well-being of people and animals. And in such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere as Nina is able to create, personal development and progress are guaranteed! I will continue to practice, practice, practice at Hof Steigerwald!
Short beginner’s seminars are offered for “getting a taste”. I am already one step further and will register for Chicken Module 1! Maybe we will meet! See you soon at Hof Steigerwald!!