Horserocker webinar for free

horserocker webinar

The wide range of training options for horses seesaws inspire more and more horse lovers. Discover in this webinar, how your four-legged training partner can safely learn to master instable surfaces, the benefits to reap. Learn how physiologically correct seesawing looks like. We will put a focus on to achieve the specifics movements that generate the most benefit from the gymnastics equipment.  We look forward to meet many seesawing enthusiasts on all levels, newcomers or professionals.

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Discount campaign for the Weekend

Einladung zum Tag der offenen Türvisit Steigerwald.T

My wonderful husband has just uploaded our promotional campaign: We have a training equipment sale on the occasion of our Open House day! Visit our webshop at and order your favorite seesaw for your horse. If you pick it up in person while spending some agreeable and informative hours at our ranch, you will save the shipping costs as well. Wouldn’t that be nice?

The weather is perfect, so come and see us in Ochtmannien!

Openday 2019

time schedule

We proudly present the agenda for our Open House day.

Presentation Special Guest
10:00 Courtesy in Clickertraining Dani and New Jersey
10:20 Pictures of ‘cold muscles’ and of a walking horse Horse Thermography North Beke Lichtenberg
11:00 Chicken Training
11:30 Mental Training in Animal Training Sabine Bruns
12:00 Tour of the Paddock Trail
12:30 Wippentraining
12:40 Pictures of ‘warm muscles’
13:00 Pony Show and Agility Dania Reetz Ponyranch Elbstrand
13:30 Trailer training Steigerwald trailer
14:00 True Horse Agility
14:30 Clicker training basics with sheep, among others
15:00 Training on request
16:00 Presentation of thermography results
16:30 Training on request
17:00 End

In between, there will always be time for small talk, questions and seesawing for everyone. We look forward to seeing you!

Horserockers observed with the thermographical eye


We asked ourselves a not so simple question: What does rocker training do to the musculoskeletal system of our horses? Where and when do get what specific effects? How crucial is the rocking technique? How does the rocker type effect the training?

Beke Lichtenberg of shot thermographical pictures our five ponies first with ‘cold’ muscles and then after a 15 minute training session on the rockers. Frieda took her turn on the 1500 mm whole-body rocker, Aron and Wolfgang on the 125 mm rocker, Amadeus on the elliptical rotary table and Freya on the 3000 mm stainless steel rocker. We are very excited about the results of this great diagnostic method and certainly would like to continue the research.

thermography fotos