Medical training for equines: Nina Steigerwald and veterinarian Ann-Kathrin Bäcker show how to best prepare your horse for the next regular examination or medication in case of emergency.      

Horse rockers & osteopathy: Nina Steigerwald and horse osteopath Antje Tjarks point out the beneficial effects of correctly applied horse rocking. Get to know the multiple techniques of rocking and the special value of each of them.    

Steigerwald.T Medical Trainer: Nina Steigerwald und Tierärztin und Pferdeosteopathin Samantha Krost-Reuhl zeigen, wie Sie Ihr Pferd bestens auf den nächsten Tierarztbesuch oder medizinisch notwendige Versorgung vorbereiten können.    

Rocking Trainer Learn to apply all facettes of versatile rocker training for horses and teach them focused and comprehensibly.