Doing and being, body and soul are directly related to and interact intensely with each other, a principle that applies to both, humans and horses alike. Since 2018 I am nonmedical practitioner for psychology and do constellations in the charming atmosphere of the Steigerwald Ranch.

Training Professional for horses: This special series of seminars combines components of Chicken Camps with some from qualified TrainingSpecialist to enable all new learning experiences.        

Chicken Camp -module 4- Behaviour chains and duration: Building and maintaining behaviour chains is extra challenging for a trainer. Time and again it is very impressive to see how much and how long an animal is willing to work for just one single click.    

Chicken Camp -module 5- Teaching: In this module you will learn much more than just teaching alone; your skills in planning will be schooled as well as your flexibility and the swift accommodation to unexpected occurrences.