Steigerwald.The Dream

When we follow the call of our heart, the path of life is often an adventure. Sometimes it is connected with change, confidence and courage and a lot of work. Hof Steigerwald was such an adventure and the realization of a life’s dream. A new project has knocked on our door in 2019: A unique property in the south of France was up for sale because the owners wanted to return to Germany that year for reasons of age. For us, relocating in 2019 was not yet feasible, but a new dream was born and a big goal took more and more shape! What seemed so far away at the time is already a reality today. In the summer of 2022, the big tour began for people, horses, dogs and chickens, the departure for a new home.

This video was our first public step towards realising our Steigerwald.The Dream. How it went on, our trip to the south of France, the first weeks in our new home and all the adventures that still await us can be found in our blog: Steigerwald.The Dream.

Steigerwald.T Dream

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