The hero list

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us in making the Steigerwald.The Dream come true! We were very happy about every single support and wish our special helpers all the best for the realisation of their own life dreams.

If you would like to witness how a vision became reality and how it continues to grow, take a look at our blog: Steigerwald.The Dream.

Browsing online is not enough for you? You want to see live what is being created and growing in the face of the Pyrenees? That is possible! Experience with your own senses a very special place where learning, live and love is made possible. Breathe the air of the South of France, finally feel the thick fur of the ponies you already know from blog, book and social media, and join the dog Jupiter on his forays through the dense forests of Le Matou. Make this crazy dream come true and book your educational leave at Le Matou here.

Amadeus keeps a lookout over the mountains of southern France

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