Doing and being, body and soul are directly related to and interact intensely with each other, a principle that applies to both, humans and horses alike. At the age of eighteen I had my first Reiki initiation, and began treating my horses, family, friends and myself with Bach flowers very early in my career. Training in kinesiology helped me further to find answers beyond the well-trodden paths of ratio. Between 2011 and 2013 I made a constellation training with Dr. Peter Orban (Berlin) who tutored me as therapist and teacher ever since 2002. In the course of this training I conducted my first constellations with horses, and I am constantly amazed about the depth and power of this kind of soul work. Since 2018 I am nonmedical practitioner for psychology and do one-on-one interviews and constellations in the charming atmosphere of the Steigerwald Ranch.