Seesaw training international and other seminars

(Deutsch) Termine 2020 auf Hof Steigerwald[en:]dates 2020 at Hof Steigerwald

Now it’s already high summer and the planning of the 2021 dates is in full swing. There have been some important changes for the next seminars in 2020, the good news first:

Due to increased demand, I am holding an English-language seminar on horse seesaw training on October 3rd-4th at Hof Steigerwald. After my presentation “Benefits of seesaw training” at the annual conference of the ABMA in March had to be cancelled, this is a nice opportunity to bring this great topic closer to horse lovers outside the German speaking countries.

Horse seesaw and osteopathy with Antje Wirtz from Pferdereha Friesland will take place on October 24th. A one-day seminar for all those who want to learn more about the effects of bouncing training on the musculoskeletal system of our horses. Which seesaws are suitable for what? Which musculature is used in what? How to train it sensibly? are among other things questions that Antje and Nina will answer clearly.

Chicken module 1, the introduction to another dimension of clicker training, takes place from November 21st-25th. This seminar is open to all people who want to improve their training skills. The proven mixture of theory and practice provides deep insights into the laws of learning.

And now for the regrettable part: Our open house is cancelled. Even though it has always been great to spend the first weekend in September in a spirit of positive reinforcement, we will have to be patient until next year. Then it will be “11 years Hof Steigerwald”, which is also a good reason to celebrate in a very special way.

The Steigerwald.T Online Academy continues to grow and delights and teaches from the comfort of your home computer. The constantly growing offer ranges from “Ninas Basics” to “Delfis Weg” and individual topics such as “Training Plans” to “Training Specialist Horse” and the “Steigerwald.T Medical Trainer”. Check back from time to time, new contents are added regularly and we#re on the way to translate our webinar content into English.

Upcoming events are online

calendar 2019, part 1

What lasts a long time – taking 80th birthdays, important events and everything else into account – is finally going to be good, isn’t it? We proudly present the Steigerwald.Training event calendar 2019! Compact horse clicker clinic, True Horse Agility day, horse seesaw trainer workshop, Medical Training, one-day entry-level chicken camp, the five original Chicken Camps, Open House on the first weekend of September including a True Horse Agility Tournament, the ongoing modules of Training Specialist Horse with a restart at the end of March, featuring the new seminar format “Training Professional Horse”… There are many inspiring events for you to choose from to enhance your training for the benefit of the animals. We look forward to seeing you!
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Spontaneous Beginners’ Seminar Clicking Chickens

There are some seminar places still available in our one-day Chicken Camp for beginners on Thursday, 11 October 2018.

This is a workshop for anyone who takes an interest in training with positive reinforcement and clicker training. You do not need to know anything about chickens in order to have a go at training with them 😉

Chickens are perfect training partners: they are fast and direct in their responses and help us develop our skills. Chicken Camps are designed to improve the vital training skills in order to become a better trainer for whatever animal species you work with in your daily life. By solving various training tasks, the participants enhance their timing and observational skills. Trainer games and theory are an integral part of the workshop, because only if you know what you do, your animal can do what you want.


  • Definition and effects of positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment
  • The A: B-> C in operational conditioning
  • Manual training skills: How to effectively click and feed
  • Learn how to carry chickens stress-free
  • Timing: Why is it fundamental to the learning process to know exactly when to apply a primary and a secondary reinforcer?
  • Rate of reinforcement: Training task ‘orbiting an object’
  • Criteria: Training a target


10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Price: 120 Euros, VAT included

For lunch, please bring something for the buffet. We take care of drinks and snacks during the day.