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Welcome to the shop of Steigerwald.T

-your partner for training & therapy equipment and training the animal friendly way-

We would like to share with you our passion for healthy and happily engaged animals For this, we offer you knowledge and techniques to train your pet the animal friendly way by communicating fair, without dominance or pressure, no matter if dog, horse, goat, lion or canary. Furthermore, we have a steadily growing repertoire of equipment for training and therapy available so you can professionally build up your animal's muscles and keep her mentally busy even at home.

Our seminars include learning to train with positive reinforcement no matter what animal species you want to handle. Learning theory is the same for all living beings. All about how this works and our unparalleled approach to instruct you can be found at „Chicken Camp“. Then, we provide the probably most profound education for R+ horse trainers all over Germany. The seminars add up to the unique „Trainig Specialist for equines“.

Have a look around in our shop and enjoy,

your Steigerwald.Team