The different levels of being and doing, soul and body are constantly interacting with each other in a close relationship in horses as well as in humans. For a few decades, constellation work has been firmly established in psychotherapy.
As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I use, among other things, this wonderful kind of soul work. For the benefit of humans and animals alike, we set out in a sheltered room to search for what is missing. This missing thing must be discovered and integrated into the soul to trigger the healing process. What I or my horse may need in order to live a more complete, more relaxed, and happier life is as complex as any individual on earth. In a constellation, clients can approach their own and / or the soul spaces of their horses.
Nina Steigerwald, non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, offers this special experience for the soul in the wonderful atmosphere of Hof Steigerwald. 
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