Video of Paddock Trail

Enjoying movement! The Steigerwald credo not only applies to True Horese Agility and Training equipment. Even the most ingenious training programs for my horses could not compensate for a lack in quality of daily life.

During winter the five horses live on an area of roughly 1 hectare. We constantly enhance and improve the area in order to help our horses to enjoy their lives to the full.

During summer the Steigerwald.Trail includes 1.1 km of varied trails round the whole compound. . The horses need to walk quite a distance between their water supply, different feeding places, shelters, mineral licking stones and branches to nibble. The ground varies from very soft (sand) to medium soft (rubber mats, various types of paddock mats, forest floor with intertwining roots) to very hard (stone, concrete and pebbles). We equipped our horses with GPS trackers, which registered an impressive 10 km per day.

On the Steigerwald.Trail the horses can choose between a small copse for shelter from weather and insects, two airy stables with natural compost floors and one stone stable as part of the original farm house. Enjoy a visit to the trail with Joost Harenborgs beautiful video tour.

Upcycling: rubber mats and terrace floor => pony catwalk

pony at the new trail

Although our ponies have an entire hectare of paddock trail during winter, the trails around the east and west meadows are usually only available from mid-May. Some passages lie very low and get quite squishy. But anyone with a natural soil paddock for his horses will be familiar with this phenomenon.

In order to gain at least access to our guest paddocks, we have dismantled our terrace. Best Bangkirai combined with rubber mats from our rocker production and an old cattle barn now ensure our horses can traverse the passage on dry hooves – as long as they do not try to nibble the grass right off the walkway. This picture show quite clearly what said passage looks like after only 14 hours of light rain. And we haven’t had any rain for a long time before…

dog at the new trail
fork-lift truck